4 Most Important Shih Tzu Training You Need to Know

Shih Tzu training is not an impossible task, but there are a few things that are specific to the breed so you would want to understand them when undertaking your new pet dog. A lot of brand new puppy owners are not prepared for the amount of time and also initiative that comes together with training that bundle of joy. But this is a critical process to start from the time when you bring them the home in order to develop a strong bond as well as obedience that will certainly last throughout the relationship with your dog.

Train Shih Tzu to Come to You

train shih tzu to come to youOne of the most important commands for dogs in their very early years, especially one that have not been trained before, is the ‘Come’ command. If your dog breaks the leash and also runs away, this command might save your dog from running in front of a car, a vehicle, or into any other situations that pose many threats to the untrained dogs.

To do this constantly make coming to you a positive experience. Your Shih Tzu must really feel that coming when called is the most desired thing for her. Award her with praise, affection, treats, and also toys when she complies to your command.

At first, it could be effective to move away from your Shih Tzu when you call her. Dogs see running as some sort of game and she’ll feel excited to go after you.

Quickly praise your Shih Tzu when she follows to your commands. If she’s getting praise, she’ll be eager to reach you and less likely to be sidetracked by noises, other pets or people nearby.

However, if your Shih Tzu does not come when called, you need to refrain from calling her name or say “come” over and over again. This merely teaches her that it’s alright to not follow your commands. If she’s not responding, try running or shaking a bag of treats while uttering “Come” or her name rather than saying the command again and again in vain.

Teaching Shih Tzu to Stand Down

teaching shih tzu to stand downWhen your dog is jumping up on you or people around, the “Down” command should be made use of quickly. The command “Down” ought to be given in a solid and calm tone of voice. A well-known dog trainer by the name of Tamar Arnon recommended that this word ought to be pronounced as if it was spelled “Dhown”. Doing this help keep this word sounding soft. A common mistake that is made by most people is that the command word mentioned too fast or as “Dooowwwnnn”, which is too slow. Uttering “Down” sounding more like a request rather than a command is also a common mistake and your dog may choose to ignore you.

Housebreaking Your Shih Tzu

One of the most basic and important Shih Tzu training is comprehending and creating a routine potty cycle and when to bring your little one outside. This training should be started as early as when your puppy is 8 to 10 weeks. A dog could just literally hold their bladder for a specific amount of time. A 3 month old puppy could last for regarding 3 hrs, a 4 month old puppy concerning 4 hrs and so on. To make sure that your Shih Tzu comprehends that doing his business outdoors is the only appropriate location, you should take the lead.

housebreaking your shih tzuTo start this training bring your dog outside:

  • When they first awaken
  • How often depends on their age, for instance every 2 hrs for a 2 month old
  • 20 mins after eating
  • At night before going to sleep

Walk your Shih Tzu on a leash to a designated area in your yard or somewhere suitable near your home. Shih Tzus are small dogs and don’t need a great deal of workout, so the closer to your home the better. Select a place that is protected from bad weather preferably, such as under a roof so that your tiny pet will not be bothered by rain or snow, which could inhibit him from wanting to go outside with you.

Use a command word to motivate your dog to do his routine, such as “Go potty” or “Bathroom. Keep it brief and also say it just one time in an authoritative tone. Wait until your dog is done then instantly commend and give him a treat. Shih Tzus can be challenging to train sometimes and have the tendency to get distracted easily. Utilizing food rewards and also positive attention is a terrific method to keep your dog focused and also strengthen the idea that doing his business in the potty area is something great, which leads to a happy reaction from you.

Training Shih Tzu to Deal With Being Alone

While a young puppy is commonly distressed when he no longer in the presence of his littermates, among the first things your dog have to discover is that he could not receive attention whenever he wants it. Going in as well as saying “silent” or cuddling him when he barks is rewarding him for being noisy. Key is to respond rather than react. You can give just a mild respond away from his sight to disrupt the barking, such as making a sound like shaking few coins in a soda can. It’s just like teaching kids, never give in to the dog by letting him out when he barks or plead. Release him only when he has calmed down and quiet.

At times if he is barking exceedingly when you are around, you can also try putting your hands on the top and bottom jaw, closing his mouth slowly, and say a firm “NO.” Repeat as needed. Again, your tone of voice is crucial, don’t sound annoyed or angry, just firm.

When you need to be away from home, to alleviate anxieties, start with brief departures, and gradually extend the quantity of time that you are away so that your dog gets used to the idea. A dog crate can be a superb method to minimize separation anxiety. Shih Tzus have the tendency to be much less worried about being left alone if they have a place of their own to retreat to. Make your pet’s crate comfy, with bed linen as well as toys, and also leave the cage door open when you are home. This way, your dog will not see the cage as confinement but rather her very private safe haven.


Once you have trained your dog to understand your commands it will create a strong and lasting relationship between the two of you. Your dog will see you as their trusted leader and provider.

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