7 Facts to Know About Shih Tzu Poodle

A cross between a Shih Tzu and also a Toy or Miniature Poodle, Shih Tzu Poodle mix dogs are some of the cutest little creatures. Also known as Shihpoo, this dog is fun-loving and energetic as well as have such a passion for life. They are suitable for children and also various other family pets. This dog is the kind of dogs you most definitely wish to adopt to bring life and energy into your home.

Physical Attributes and Size of Pooshih

physical attributes and size of pooshihPooshih, which is another name for this breed, come in a range of colors, seldom shed, as well as are rather small, weighing in the range of 7 to 15 pounds. When standing the dog has a height of 8 to 11 inches tall. They are a durable, well-proportioned dog that is athletic, lively and also loving. Since the Shih-Poo needs only a modest amount of exercise, and also are not excessive barkers, they are popular with those staying in apartment buildings. Most are extremely pleasant and also gentle and will certainly make a great family dog, lap dog, or companion for the elderly. Where the Shih-Tzu could have breathing troubles due to their short noes, the Shih-Poo could bypass this issue if they acquire a somewhat longer nose from its Poodle genetics. Due to their long coat layers they will need constant grooming.

Temperament and Personality of Shihpoo

temperament and personality of shihpooPrimarily, Shih-Poo is a peaceful, obedient dog. Although the Shihpoo has a bark louder compared to the Shih-Tzus, they are not common ‘yappers’. The little size of the Shih-poo has actually turned them into a very shy dog when they are around complete strangers. Nevertheless, having a friendly nature, they are always eager to please their owners.

They also do well around kids as well as other family pets. In addition, these dogs are also loyal, caring and affectionate, enjoying attention and being caressed, remaining on the laps of their family members. This also makes them a perfect dog to accompany households with elderlies.


Shih Poo puppies will cost between $500 to $695. It generally has 1 year genetic health guarantee for this price, but this could also depend on which breeder you got it from.

Training Your Shih Tzu mix Poodle

training your shih-tzu mix poodleBecause they are extremely smart they can be trained relatively quickly. However, early socializing as well as obedience are highly recommended. The Shih-poo may be challenging to tame. The crate training approach is the most effective. They will certainly not react to severe or heavy-handed techniques as they will shut down and ignore you.

Training needs to be finished with firmness, fairness, patience, and also consistency. Instructing your dog to rest, lie down, and keep is crucial to the training of your brand-new puppy. There are numerous approved methods of home training your new Shihpoo puppy. Think about cage training if you have to adapt your dog to a safe haven and confined space for various safety reasons and a place where your pet feel comfortable and secured.

Grooming for Shihpoo

Shihpoos could have various kinds of fur, varying from curly to straight, depending on which genes they inherited from. However, most would have a curly or wavy coat. A Shihpoo coat looks its best with proper brushing every four to six weeks, especially if its done by professional groomers. However, owners need to dedicate their time as well as it calls for cleaning or combing every couple of days to avoid mats or tangles in addition to regular showering in between visits with the groomer.

Shihpoos are among the types that commonly develop reddish-brown tear spots beneath their eyes. Your best option is to clean the face daily, thoroughly cleaning beneath the eyes, to stop stains from setting.

Your Shihpoo would also need to be trimmed around the genital area for cleanliness or have the groomer shave the lower stomach area. This helps to protect against pee from staining the coat as well as developing a bad stench. Faces or droppings could also get tangled in the hair around the anus if this is not done.

On top of that, cut his nails every one to two weeks, keep his ears clean and also completely dry. Also, brush his teeth regularly, day-to-day if possible, using a vet-approved pet tooth paste. Tiny dogs are also especially prone to periodontal disease. Expose grooming to your Shihpoo while he is a puppy so that the process becomes a normal routine for him.

Health Issues

As a hybrid breed, the Shihpoo is not as prone as their parent types to experience severe health worries. The Shihpoo will typically have less breathing issues than the Shih Tzu because the snout on the Shihpoo is not pushed in as far as their origin breeds. However, prospective owners should know that as a result of their floppy ears, this breed of dog may run a greater internal ear temperature level. Subsequently, they should have their ears checked on a regular basis to stay clear of any kind of potential infection or parasites developing in the ears. The Shihpoo may also have some troubles with oral health since they are a small breed but this can be helped through a great oral health routine. Usually, the life span of a Shihpoo that is given excellent care as well as regular check-ups will range in between 12 and 18 years. The exact life span will differ somewhat with size as smaller sized dogs have the tendency to live longer compared to larger dogs.

Food and Diet

Shih-Poos are best to be fed with top quality diet of completely dry dog food. Dry kibble is essential as this crossbreed has the tendency to have oral problems, including premature lost of tooth. Dry food could aid to prevent this along with caries, periodontal disease and foul-smelling breath. This crossbreed has the tendency to eat way too much so there need to be regular monitoring of the Shih-Poo’s calorie intake as this is important to his overall health.

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