7 Questions to Answer Before Searching for Baby Pugs for Sale

They are so cute that many are tempted to look for baby pugs for sale right away! However before you decide to get one it is very important to determine if this dog is the ideal breed for you. Here are 7 questions you must ask yourself to determine if this dog fits you.

Do you Live in a Warm and also Humid Area?

In general Pugs cannot tolerate weather that is too hot and humid. This kind of weather condition is unsuitable for these dogs, where over exposure to this type of weather could create instant or lasting illness varying from heat stroke and even causing damage to its body organs. So if you live in a place with hot climate and you do not have great air conditioning at home then this dog is not for you.

Can you Deal with More than Typical Health Issues of Pugs?

typical health issues of pugs

Pugs are long-term commitment as they generally have a life span of 15 years. This is probably among the most important thing you need to know before you really get a Pug. Lots of owners do not understand just how much work it can be to take care of the health problems these little guys can have. First there are the breathing problems. Pugs have a shorter snout than most various other types and also because of this they tend to have trouble breathing specifically in warm environment. They require daily help with cleaning out their nasal passages.

Then you have the Pug not being able to control their temperature as well as other dogs. Many dogs have the ability to pant to control their temperature, yet considering that Pugs have a much shorter snout they could not pant as efficiently. This implies that it is your obligation to see the indicators of your little guy overheating and also take him somewhere he could cool down. As a result of this, you can not keep your little guy outdoors for a long period of time, particularly on those hot summer season days.

Do You Have Allergies or Mind if Your Pug Shed A Lot?

your pug shed a lotIf you are allergic to dog hair then forget about Pugs. These dogs are low maintenance yet you still need to groom them everyday. You will certainly require a lint roller as they shed a whole lot. There is very little one can do to avoid shedding in pugs. They cannot be cut and brushing can only do so much so their hair will be all over your house.

Are You Willing to Train Your Pug for Six Months?

Stubbornness runs in the Pug family. This leads to a more difficult potty training duration for this dog. Some dog breeds catch on very quick on house training but Pugs are just not one of those dogs. It takes much longer for them to discover exactly how and also where they should be going to relieve themselves.train your pug for six months

This is most likely the number one reason individuals start to despise their Pug. Their home begins to stench and some owners just give up. It is also much easier for these owners to simply eliminate the little pooper.

Potty training can take up to 6 months with Pug puppies. This does not suggest it is impossible to do it in just one month. It can take as fast as a month for your Pug puppy to be house trained, but a lot of persistence and love is required to achieve this.

Can you Tolerate Pugs’ Snorting as well as Snoring?

This dog’s flat face makes him vulnerable to grunting and also snoring. You’ll most likely learn to think of the sound as a distinct lullaby. Simply bear in mind that his much shorter muzzle could put him at risk to breathing issues, specifically in hot or humid weather condition, or if he’s overweight.

Will You Leave Your Pug at Home Alone Frequently?

leave your pug at home aloneIf you’re away a lot, a Pug could not be a great option for a dog and the same applies to many breeds. Most are not there to house sit for you as they flourish on companionship. They’ll whimper when you leave as well as go crazy when you return. Frequently leaving them alone at home will eventually cause separation anxiety, consequently leading to disruptive actions such as barking, digging and nibbling on everything around your home.

Do You Want a Dog that Will Accompany Your Outdoor Activities?

These dogs were bred to be as a lap dog. Yet you would certainly be shocked to discover the number of owners that think otherwise. If you are an adventurous individual that likes outdoor activities like hiking or hill climbing then this dog is not for you. This is not to say that pugs don’t prefer to run and play around outside. It is just that with their short legs, they are not built for long strolls and up on a hillside. They are far more of an indoor sort of dogs. So get yourself a German Shepherd or a Golden Retriever if you want company for outdoors activities.


Most of the time the main problem does not lie with the dogs but rather the question of whether the owner is suitable to get such a breed. So do yourself and the dog a favor and if you have problems with just any one of these questions then Pugs are probably not the right breed for you.

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